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Mercosur Consulting Group, Ltd. was incorporated in the State of New York in January of 1993. We are the leading U.S. firm advising companies on how they can benefit from the opportunities provided by the CAFTA-DR (the U.S.-Central America and Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement), CBTPA (U.S.-Carribean Basin Trade Partnership Act), MERCOSUR (the Spanish acronym for the Common Market of the South), the Andean Community, the Central American Integration System, ALADI (the Latin American Integration Association), the Pacific Alliance, and the bilateral free trade agreements the United States has with Chile, Colombia, Panama, and Peru.

For companies wishing to invest in South America, we can prepare individual country and regional risk analysis reports, focusing on socio-economic and political factors. We can alert investors to opportunities in state-owned companies that are about to be privatized, and analyze their financial statements and current and past sales volumes so as to determine their stability and net worth. We can also furnish detailed financial analysis reports of South American companies that are potential targets for acquisition or joint venture partnerships. Furthermore, we can assist in obtaining financing from groups of investors in the United States who are interested in opportunities involving a variety of sectors throughout Latin America.

In the specific case of exporters, we can prepare a detailed report on the market potential for a given product based on economic trends in a given country, consumer preferences as well as local tax and import regulations. We can provide information on existing or potential competitors and assist in formulating successful promotional campaigns. We can put exporters in contact with and interview possible local wholesale purchasers, distributors, agents, or sales representatives. We can also devise a logistics plan for adequately serving customers from a regional distribution center.

If local counsel is needed to ensure compliance with local regulatory filings or to establish a foreign subsidiary, for example, Mercosur Consulting Group, Ltd. can refer its clients to an established network of highly qualified attorneys throughout Latin America who are fully prepared to provide a wide range of legal services at a reasonable cost.

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